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Getting a temporary filename the easy way

Thu May 04 2006

If you need to generate temporary / semi-unique filenames, here is a little snippet that uses the framework:

using System.IO;

string GetTempFileName(){
	return Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(Path.GetTempFileName());

As the name implies, this will return the temporary name of a file without the extension, so it's up to you to add whatever filetype you may be trying to create. For example, let's say I wanted to generate a .gif:

string GetTempGifFileName(){
	return string.Format("{0}.{1}", GetTempFileName(), "gif");

I had overlooked this little piece of functionality because the component that I was using generated filenames with GUIDs, so I never really worried about it. Way to make my life easier, .netfx 😃

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