• ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension

    I ran into this problem on a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. I had not installed development tools yet, so I found this which prompted me to add: ruby-dev gcc libffi-dev make That got the gems building, but it kept giving me an error after build: checking for gzdopen()... read more
  • bee vs hive

    “That which injures the hive injures the bee.” - Marcus Aurelius read more
  • github for windows and babun

    If you are on windows 10, you can simply use a linux subsystem. That ain’t what we’re talmbout here. babun is a cygwin based shell with a bunch of defaults added that aren’t included with the portablegit install that comes with github for windows. Some of those defaults that I... read more
  • Liquid Exception: no implicit conversion of Array into String in _layouts

    “Liquid Exception: no implicit conversion of Array into String in /_layouts/post.html” I was attempting to finally add an archive page to my jekyll site here on github-pages…I got the page in place and updated all of the dependencies, including a new Ruby environment to match what’s on github’s servers. After... read more
  • Making Windows the default operating system in grub 2

    tl;dr: change GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to the zero-based index of the Windows entry in the grub config file. Windows updates seem to be happening at least once a week these days. Most of the time, the updates require a reboot to finish. I just happen to be running Debian linux on the... read more
  • Unable to activate albacore-2.5.13

    Unable to activate albacore-2.5.13, because rake-11.1.2 conflicts with rake (~> 10) I had recently updated Ruby to version 2.3, which updated rake to verison 11 when I did a gem update. Since I use albacore to build some of my projects, I need this to work. So first, I reverted... read more
  • Por seguro…

    fuck yeah bro. read more
  • angle between three points

    This was a task I had to complete to attempt to find a right angle from 3 cartesian coordinates, +/- 5 degrees. Of course the first place I looked was StackOverflow which led me to this explanation with some ruby code: def angle_between_points(p0, p1, p2) a = (p1[0]-p0[0])**2 + (p1[1]-p0[1])**2... read more
  • San Juan

    going to Puerto Rico rn XD read more
  • #ripprince

    Electric word life. it means forever and that’s a mighty long time. read more
  • recode

    I noticed that github pages has updated its jekyll version, so to keep up I’ve decided to start over again. simpler is better. I also added a default Rakefile from here this makes it easier to start posts. Next I think I will be adding an archive page. -c read more
  • Running 1Password on Debian Linux

    This is how I got 1Password for Windows v4.6.0.604 running on Debian Linux The first thing I tried was just running the installer with wine at the terminal. [email protected]:~/Downloads$ wine 1Password- wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\home\chris\Downloads\1Password- Well crap. what does that mean? Could the 1Password installer be 32bit, while... read more
  • switched engines again

    this time from WordPress to jekyll. I had already toyed with getting some content over into jekyll along with a few extra tools in Jekyll-bootstrap. WordPress was winning the blog wars at the time and the import from my previous engine (dotText) seemed more complete over there. But jekyll plays... read more
  • Debian Linux

    I have recently been going thru the process of moving some current web properties from mvc to ruby on rails. In the past, I have toyed with the idea of moving to rails, enough to get some prototype code running. I feel that the framework has matured quite a... read more
  • I forgot.

    About 6 years ago I joined twitter. I found an outlet for random ideas with a small constraint: 140 characters or less. And I abused the fuck out of it. So much so that I forgot that I had this little slice of web that nobody reads but me. I... read more

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