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NetVibe - Listen for SSID change

Mon Mar 20 2006

I've updated the NetVibe source with a mildly useful update: listening for changes in SSID as well as IP Addresses. The source is hosted at on a subversion server.

I used some code that I found at the FurryGoat experience, modified it a little bit, and it seems that it's at least useful in detecting if an SSID ends with something...for example, my WiFi at work has an SSID of VelocityDatabank, so I created a rule to look for an SSID/IP Address that EndsWith Databank. This code definitely needs improvement, but I have found it very useful, and now I don't have to have different network segments specified at each of the different WiFi spots I connect to.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419