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RE - What is with

Fri Mar 10 2006

I had tried to reply to this post on WinExtra, but it errored out on me. So, here's what the comment said:

Blogger uses Atom feeds located at http://blogdomain/atom.xml The fact that the skins provided don't reflect this is the pain'd see a link if you view sourced it:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="Blue Phoenix" href="atom.xml" />

Also, get rid of that captcha (I hate those!) use ReverseDoS instead:

Blogging is cool and rss feeds make it even better for the reader/user; but only if blog hosts provide a mechanism for the blogger to have an RSS feed on their site which most do.

The only exception I have found so far is blogs hosted by Now I don't know if it is a setting that individual bloggers need to set but not one of the blogs on that I like seem to have an RSS feed.

What is up with that silliness?

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