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SubText, BlogML, and PostXING

Tue Mar 07 2006


This is the end result after setting up SubText and importing my old blog (now moved to here). I had created a blogML exporter for cs11 and ran into some initial problems because the version of BlogML I had used was a smidge older (v0.9) and therefore had a different schema. Kinda makes me wish there were a way to clear out all the content and start over like subv2 allows me to.

So why didn't I go with subv2? (Sorry, Darren) The admin interface and WebParts' silly requirement of IE. I basically live in FireFox and although it's been quite some time since I've posted thru the web interface of .text/CS::Blogs, I do need to go in from time to time and make some changes. Plus, since subtext was forked off of .text, I'm already pretty familiar with the interface (and some of the code when necessary). Subv2 is a real nice exploration of all the fun new doohickeys in .net 2.0, and with Darren at the helm you know it's high-quality stuff, but I need something that works for me in the environment I choose to work with. Either way, I've got an install of Subv2 behind the firewall so I could just make that one public and import my shiny new blogML file if need be: I'm keeping a definite eye on it, that's for sure.

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