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Yahoo! Widgets (Konfabulator) 3.0.2

Wed Dec 21 2005

I wanted to install the newest version of Konfabulator to one of my computers, so I went to and tried to install the latest version (3.0.1 earlier today, 3.0.2 this evening) but instead of getting the 11MB download that the site reports, I get a little <500KB file called widgetsus.exe.

According to some forum posts, I'm not the only person having problems here. My problem was that no computers that didn't already have an earlier version of Konfabulator would actually install off of this file. So I looked thru a few more forum posts and found a url to 3.0.1 ( and was then able to guess for the 3.0.2 version ( these are the files that the web installer are supposed to download, but don't.

Hopefully me posting this won't tip off the developers and make them choose a different naming scheme. Better yet, why not just let end users download the installer instead of having to go thru the web installer.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.409