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RE - 8 Steps to Better Windows Applications

Thu Nov 17 2005

In an attempt to work on steps 7 and 8 in Grant Holliday's Blog, I've started a community server site for PostXING.

It's lite on content at the moment, (and also may not work everywhere for the next couple of days thanks to DNS) but hopefully this will let me address number 7 via the forums and number 8 via the gallery.

6 is done - actually using the default browser for the view blog function. I think I'm doing pretty well for number 5, and number 4 should probably be implemented in a couple of more places. Number 1 is a big duh and should have been done since day one. 2 sounds like an interesting problem and will require a little more thought (although initially I'm thinking something like the auto-saved draft feature in gmail)

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419