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RE - is dead

Wed Sep 07 2005

Anybody else find that MS has so much crap going on that it's hard keep tabs on a single, solid, resources to use to keep up to speed on things? (And don't even send me to - that thing is 1) schizophrenic (is it a developer resource, or a place to buy subscriptions and stuff?) and 2) complete sensory overload. )

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It is pretty worthless unless you are looking for controls - even then, the contol gallery has broken images and dead links everywhere.

I've found that unlike the community, it's pretty much yo-yo (you're on your own) when it comes to winforms development. (and I complained loudly about it when I embarked on my first winforms project)

CodeProject has a lot of interesting tidbits, but I've yet to find a complete solution in any of the articles there. Bits and pieces, yes...

Another good resource is the dotnet-winforms list on There are at least one or two winforms PMs that hang out there.

Lastly, get Chris Sells's book "Windows Forms Programming in C#" (or VB.NET, whatever.) That book has basic examples of almost everything you would want to achieve in a normal winforms project. Anything else is up to google skillz.

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