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RE - Google maps .NET control

Tue Sep 06 2005

Check out this code project article with code for a Google Maps .NET control. very cool and handy stuff. and there are some demos here.

[Via Tiernans Comms Closet]

I read thru that, and it seems very useful to be able to manipulate things in codebehind like that. Once the lat/lon overlays are included, I may even check it out.

In other mapping news, I was contacted recently by the mappoint webservice team b/c I haven't made any requests to the webservice for a while. I told them that the current webservice doesn't buy me a whole lot in terms of functionality from the current solution that I use that simply has a mapserver control on my webserver and asked if virtual earth may be rolled into the webservice (since virtual earth currently only has licensing for non-commercial apps). They didn't tell me one way or the other, but my mappoint account was reinstated. Could this mean virtual earth goodness on the horizon? I hope so.

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