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Divelements SandDock 2.0

Wed Jul 13 2005

Was just released. In the newsletter, it said that you can use a DocumentContainer (tabs) outside of a SandDockManager - simple tabbing with the same interface that is all over PostXING. Sounds promising!

Well, the "document" tabs only render at the top, and I need tabs at the bottom to keep the interface at least a little similar to what it always has been. Plus, with the interface that I have in PostXING, I just like the way the tabs look at the bottom better. So I have two choices: keep the interface that is already in place (using the older (free) version of Magic) or have tabs at the top, right? Nope.

I found a way to use the docking windows (that show their tabs at the bottom) to get the effect that I wanted.

First, I created a usercontrol and added four docking windows (with tabs). Then I expanded the dock control that holds the windows to be the same width as the usercontrol and anchored to top | left | right. After that, I basically disabled all docking, closing, and extra actions. At a pinch of graphics, and this is what I get:


Nice, huh? Well, I thought it was anyways 😃

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419