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CS::Blogs : beware the permission set

Thu Jun 23 2005

So I got some feedback about PostXING saying that someone who had setup multiple blogs with CS::Blogs was getting the wrong blog back while trying to communicate with the Metaweblog API.

After a couple of questions, it turns out that all of the users were set up as sysadmins in the CS permission set, so anyone making a request to the metablog api would get a list of all the blogs available. Since PostXING ignorantly just uses BlogInfo[0] from the metablog_getUsersBlogs() method, everybody was trying to post to the first blog returned in the list.

So if you are running a multiple blog setup and wish to use the metablog api, make sure that your permissions are set so that when a user makes a request into his/her blog, theirs is the only blog they get back.

Thanks, Jeff.

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