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RE: This is just a test

Wed Jun 15 2005

Nice! Lookin good, Don! I personally have had firewall issues with FTP (what a beast!) and have yet to find an opensource SFTP (ftp as a subset of ssh) solution, which does work on my server. One of these days I'm going to beef up my firewalling skills and let the stinkin ftp traffic thru.

Anyways, glad to see you "back in the game" :)

In an attempt to get back on top of my blogging, I've just installed the latest release of Christopher's PostXING, all of its plugins, and configured the FTP support. If this post is successful, I (and you) will know I'm good to go.

This is one of my MSN Instant Messenger avatars. It's supposed to look like me ;-)

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[Via Don Smith (dev4net)]

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419