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PostXING Answers for Yex

Wed Jun 15 2005

Yex sez:

 Nice. So where's the Categories, Post, Post and Publish and Crosspost buttons at? Where's the post editing toolbar? When can we get our grubby little hands on it?

Since it appears you've decided to go with the whole sidebar idea, why not use that to list the cateogories checkboxes? Seems logical to me anyway.


Good questions! I've actually created a sidebar for the categories, and am currently studying a couple of the API's I want to support right away - it looks like I will be able to handle categories the same way that I do currently. I'm going to try and find a way to push categories into the file that is saved (er..File -> Save) for a better offline story too.

I'm also looking to remove the History dialog and replace it with a "view" on the main form - no reason other than trying to get rid of unnecessary dialogs. And it'll look cool :)

As far as all of the other buttons, my current plan is to have all of that plus some configuration details pushed off to a kind of "provider" - each api plugin should know what buttons it wants to add, what operations those buttons support, what kind of identifying information the api needs, etc.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to break things down to a common denominator and have something that will be able to tailor the UI to the current blog that is being edited.

And as far as the grubby hands, sorry - it's probably going to be a little while before this is ready for prime time. I'm not even ready to dogfood v2 yet. :(

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