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PostXING development

Fri Jun 10 2005

I've been working a little on my plugin/provider idea on PostXING. Currently, I have it building, but I've had to disable some of the post-build commands because although it builds, it doesn't do anything currently and I don't want it to overwrite the working copy that I have on my computer.

Interesting aside: I didn't actually remove the commands, but since they are all written to a .bat file, you can use normal batch commands - like rem - to effectively disable the commands. An example that is currently disabled in the branch .csproj file but not in the main trunk:

rem COPY /Y $(ProjectDir)ReadMe.txt $(TargetDir)ReadMe.txt

This way, when I'm ready to actually dogfood my new creation, I just need to remove the rem's and I'm good to go.

I've only made progress on the UI so far, but if you want to see the progress, the code is always available on vaultpub. You can view everything on the web over here: the login is guest/guest.

As if you cared...

I'm still trying to work out how cross-posting should be implemented. I've decided to go with an interface-driven plugin model because I don't have an app.config with this app (no reason for that - just haven't needed it yet) and I've already got 2 types of interfaces loading as plugins. I have 3(1/2) different types of plugin/providers that I want to implement, all of which I have access to so I can at least test it a little bit. They will include providers using xml-rpc, webservices, and the Atomizer. On the UI side, I'm going to do away with as many dialogs as possible. I'm trying to have this app have only one or two dialogs where it makes sense. I think everything else should just be a "view" on the main form.

I've also imported a couple of controls to the project along with an IUI library so different "views" shouldn't be too hard to implement I think. Anyways, back to coding...

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419