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RE: Digital Pontification - Podcast Show Notes (4/21)

Thu Apr 21 2005

I want to second Jason's nomination (below in bold). This morning I was trying to figure out how to port Sql Express data to Sql Server 2000, and Wally was a big help in getting me there. I got it done, btw. 😃

So, thank you Sir Wally!

Topics discussed:
  • So today's that "420" thing in the mainland, huh?
  • Real-time argument with my co-worker if today is Bob Marley's birthday
  • I'm back on the King Car Iced Tea
  • You want to hear me open a drink?  What the hell is wrong with you people?
  • Thanks to new friends for setting me straight on World Curling Championships
  • Do Microsoft jockeys not know what podcasting really is?
  • My good buddy Wally McClure deserves to be knighted
  • I love Benny Hill, but I never really got Monty Python
  • Public school kids just showed up and excpected a tour of KUAM's station
  • The downside to podcasting: show contents can't be indexed by search engines& yet
  • I want to know how you're accessing my podcasts (RSS aggregators, OS, PC/Mac, do you get it off my blog, etc.)
  • I get > 10x more traffic from RSS aggregators than over the web for my blog
  • Have you ever copied something on one PC and tried pasting it on another PC?  I did.  Duh.

      [Via Jason Salas' WebLog]

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