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Customer Service Message

Tue Mar 22 2005

This is a message that my boss recently sent to a customer that had an issue with one of our software packages (I don't own it :)

Brian, in the finest tradition of Microsoft, VDB's engineers have returned an error message  that has absolutely nothing to do with the problem at hand.   Time Steps should be in the range of 1 to 10.  Instead, of limiting the input (1 to 10). VDB's fine engineers, it seems, prefer to give a worthless message, then plow on with  a 10 millisecond TD-Chart.  I conclude, the only reason for this is that they are trying to kill me.   I will have the problem fixed.   Maybe we will replace all messages with one that says "Call Tom, we are trying to kill him, sorry for any inconvenience."

Anyway, I have attached a new release 2.8.4, it has some new features like ZOOM, Undo, and a way to graph Well markers (horizons). It will also launch the help guide from the help button, now there is a novel ideal.  Though not fully tested, I'm sure it has an entire new array of useless error messages designed to kill me.

Sorry for the problem


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