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PostXING's vaultpub works.

Wed Mar 16 2005

This shouldn't have gotten this out of whack, but it did, sorry. I've made sure that all of the folders are inherited now, and tested the get latest version on a different directory on my machine.

: The only thing to watch out for is that I like to copy my assemblies to my C:\bin folder so I can dogfood the output immediately. If you don't like that, go to the main PostXING project and clear out the build events. Also, the code that is now in the repository is more recent than the release on Project Distributor. It supports proxies for the web connection and has a couple of other bug fixes in it like handling FTP files with spaces. One more thing - not all of the projects in the trunk are either deployed to the world or active - the Client Template plugin project allows you to define a custom template on the client side (since dotText doesn't implement this particular metablog api feature) and the offline plugin was going to be the save/load posts feature but that got put into the main project instead. It's still there because someday I may decide to make it handle online/offline capabilities differently.

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