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PostXING feature requests

Tue Mar 15 2005

Teirnan asked for a few features for PostXING. I started to write a comment, but it got too long-winded for a comment. You get a post Sir:

Can I help you? I think maybe so :) In order:

  • I did this in a very early build of PostXING, but got some feedback that asked to be able to immediately edit the post that was just, erm, posted - in case of typos or whatever. I guess I could make it configurable, that shouldn't be too hard. Since you are literally the first person to ask for this feature, I think I'll make the current behavior the default.
  • I don't know how to tackle this one - PostXING is basically just a wrapper for SOME functionality of the Metaweblog API. Generally, the blog engine will handle the entry IDs. Sometimes it gives you an int, sometimes it gives you a string.
  • I actually tried to do this at one point, but I'm not sure how stable it would be. Think about it this way: in order for this to work, images would have to be parsed out (not a problem) and each one uploaded one at a time using the FTP component. The resulting url would have to be pumped back into the post and then and only then could you finally post/publish the entry. If you have a lot of images, this could take a really long time and thus give the perception that PostXING performs poorly. I guess I could make this a config option too with the caveat that it could possibly take a really long time to make a post.
  • This one is easy :) If you want it to be zippy, download the latest version of Vault from . Login as the guest account (I think it's guest/guest) and go to the PostXING repository. Set a working folder and click Get Latest Version. The latest code release should be there, although it may be a little out of sync with the most current version that I'm dogfooding on my local machine. You can also find any plugins code that is associated with PostXING. If you don't want to install vault for whatever reason, I'm pretty sure you can download from their web interface using the same uid/pwd, but I'm sure it would be about 100 times more painful.

Thanks for the feedback, Tiernan.

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