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Wed Feb 02 2005

I recently added Tabbing functionality for indenting/outdenting (hey, it's a trident term 😃 in my dogfood version of PostXING.

Quoting has just become 100 times easier for me.

I prefer to use the keyboard when posting/changing text attributes when possible, and this whole no tabbing business finally got me a little fed up. Wanna know the funny part? It ended up being about 8 lines of code, give or take for whitespace:

  1 protected override bool ProcessCmdKey(ref Message msg, Keys keyData) {
  2 	if(keyData == Keys.Tab){
  3 		this._designEditor.TextFormatting.Indent();
  4 	}else if(keyData == (Keys.Tab | Keys.Shift)){
  5 		this._designEditor.TextFormatting.Unindent();
  6 	}
  8 	return base.ProcessCmdKey (ref msg, keyData);
  9 }

What other unsupported keyboard shortcuts would you like to see in PostXING (get em while I've got it fresh on my mind 😃

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