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New PostXING coming soon

Sat Jan 29 2005

With the help of Laurent Kempé, I've traced down a bug in the PostXING FTP library (or rather my handling of it) and ended up changing the underlying FTP library code to the open source edtFTPnet library. This is a more complete library than the sample socket code that I was using before, and since it's LGPL licensed, I can link it into my code without affecting the license that PostXING is released under (which is zlib/libpng).

I also plan to add proxy support soon - the only hold up right now is that I like to at least dry run what I'm releasing before I put it out there, and I have no idea how to test if proxy code is going to work. Is there a such thing as a free proxy server that I can test against? I'm pretty resolved to, er, 'borrowing' the functionality for proxy support from RssBandit simply because the code works and has been a good reference for me before. So, I'm not worried about how to implement it, just on how to test it. Any ideas?

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