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Sun's Open letter to IBM.

Mon Jan 24 2005

I am not an expert in this area. Not even close. Wouldn't even call myself an amateur. But I had to stop reading the letter when he says "It's the most secure OS the world has ever seen..."

A quick hop over to the link provided for solaris shows how proud they are...of thier new logo. Call me crazy, but if you were to make the claim that you are releasing the "most secure OS the world has ever seen", wouldn't that be what was highlighted on the front page of the site you are pointing to?

Right, different audiences, different priorities, different reasons for installing an OS, but if you are claiming that you have the "most secure OS the world has ever seen" (still can't get over that) - say it loud, proud, and in bright red letters on the first page of your site. Heh.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.409