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RE: Couple of feature requests

Fri Jan 07 2005

 Couple of feature requests
posted by Bob Yexley on 1/7/2005 12:02:04 PM :
Hey nice work on the latest version. Spell checking works very nicely. There are a couple of things that I've noticed about the application that I thought would make it nicer that I wanted to mention. Fairly simple I'm pretty sure.

First off, especially with all of the different version releases you've had lately, I've wanted to check the "About" box to make sure that the correct new version was running after the new version, and I noticed that the current version isn't displayed on it. It would be great to have the current version displayed on the About box just for reference if nothing else.

I've also noticed that when I switch to the "Preview" tab, that the toolbar with the "Post & Publish" button disappears. Normally when I compose a new entry, I write it up in the editor tab, and then I check spelling (well, I will from now on anyway), and then I switch over to the preview tab to make sure everything looks OK with my stylesheets applied and all. Well, if everything looks good, I'd like to be able to just click "Post & Publish" right then and there, but since that toolbar is gone, I have to switch back to "Design" view to get that toolbar back to publish the entry. It seems to me like that's a fairly common toolbar, and maybe it (or it's buttons) should just be added to the standard toolbar that has the "Setting" button on it. At very least, it would be nice to have that one button displayed when using the "Preview" tab.

Thanks for the great free application though. I love it.

Now, that is some great feedback. I've got seperate use cases than what I always do and clear concise suggestions on how to implement them. These are the types of things that you as a developer don't tend to think of all the time because you are used to a certain useage scenario. I would have never thought of any of these (except maybe the about box thing. whoops :) There are of course some other things that I know the application needs - like for example validation maybe? Heh.

Honestly, tho, I'm just glad that a few people are finding my humble little app useful. But to anybody else who is using PostXING, I am always happy to at least consider making changes suggested on ProjectDistributor or my blog. It just makes it so much easier (and therefore likely to get implemented) with great feedback like Bob gave.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419