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How bad do you want spellchecking?

Wed Jan 05 2005

Well, I've implemented it. I figured out a way to have a user-defined dictionary location (very simple implementation), but now I'm still facing the dilemma of where do I point to for the dictionaries? Like I said before, the NetSpell component comes with a few dictionaries by default.

OpenOffice has a project called lingucomponent that has a more exhaustive listing of dictionaries, but they are not in the same format that NetSpell uses. (I even tried using the en_US dictionary. Needless to say it was useless as it stopped on every word.) However, there is an article for NetSpell about creating a custom dictionary, although I don't know, looking at the contents of the files together, if that will be of much help at all.

Either way, it looks like it might require a download of the NetSpell software for the included dictionaries and the dictionary build tool. What do you think?

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