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RE: IBlogExtension

Wed Dec 22 2004

Bob wants to see some integration of RssBandit and PostXING.

This was an idea I had really early on simply because a lot of the features in PostXING were, ahem, borrowed from w.bloggar, and RssBandit already supports a plugin that starts w.bloggar for posting to a weblog. So, why couldn't I do something similar?

Well, I thought that it had something to do with implementing IBlogExtension, for which I couldn't find too much documentation. Maybe it's such a simple thing to implement that only a yutz like me would need documentation. I honestly don't know and haven't looked into it too much simply because I didn't have an immediate need for it.

Once Dare adds deleting capabilities to RssBandit, I have a feeling that it's going to become my default aggregator again. After that, look out for an RssBandit plugin to post using PostXING.

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[Via Blue Phoenix]

I got a rudimentary version of this working. I couldn't figure out how to download the original post into RssBandit, so I'm just using my original reply to the post.

I'd like to thank Haacked for providing a series of walkthrus as well as a code download for an improved version of "Blog This with w.bloggar..." which I basically hacked to work with PostXING. I'll probably release this closer to the new year or after the first so I can make sure that everything is working okay - the only version that is working correctly for me so far is the full version. A new version of PostXING will be necessary to make this work as well - I never thought to make sure that any application that knew or cared could find out where PostXING I made this happen with a simple text file and a call to


Also, I found the need to close off the StreamWriter that was being used to write the temp file using XslTransform b/c I was getting access is denied errors, so the code that did that now looks like so:

	XslTransform transform = new XslTransform();
	transform.Load(new XmlTextReader(XsltStream), null, null);

	string tempfile = Path.GetTempFileName();//@"c:\tmp\plugin\" + this.BlogType.ToString() + ".html";  
	StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(tempfile);
	transform.Transform(rssFragment, null, sw, null);


So with that and a little bit of Agility, this was about a two-hour enhancement. Next I'm going to look into creating (well, probably "borrowing") a plugin architecture so that I can create a spell checking plugin for PostXING without bloating the main download too much.

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