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RE: Cross-posting - A new trend?

Mon Dec 20 2004

I started to make this a reply in Shawn's comments, but decided it was getting too long-winded to be a comment. You get a post, Shawn. In his comments, someone suggested that he try out PostXING, which is cool (!) but, he seems to have the wrong impression of PostXING's erm...limitations.

>I did try PostXing, and it's another tool that assumes that cross-posting is against only one server.

It does? That's news to me! :)

The real limitation of the current PostXING drop is that it only expects to work with the metablog API. MT has its own API that is very similar, but not exactly the same which is bad news for an xml-rpc client. I guess I could add support for other authoring apis (ATOM is what I really have in mind - just for fun), but this is something that I do in my free time.

Add that to the fact that adding different authoring APIs would mean handling the configuration etc. differently within the app - I only ever intended to use this as a personal tool. My ideas are limited, but I'm always willing to at least consider (and usually try) feature requests, so if you use PostXING or would like to, let me know what you'd like to see or what you don't want to see anymore. I'm pretty open to suggestions, and I've come to the realization that most of the users of PostXING are way smarter than me anyways.

One idea that came up while all the hubbub was going on concerning the Provider Model was to use just that to make posting to different apis more transparent, but I'm usually against doing something just because it's the current "fad". The fact of the matter is that I've never needed the functionality to post to different types of api's than the metablog api, so I never put in the facility to do so. I would not, however, be against adding support for this particular feature if there is really a need (okay, come on - want) for it and I had some solid implementation suggestions for doing so.

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