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Wes, you Rock.

Fri Dec 03 2004


I had been using a different, "static" library to do syntax highlighting before...Now, if you don't like how a certain language is configured, change it! CodeHtmler is great. It gives me the option to add or modify language definitions (Generics, anyone?) IF I so desire, and it just dropped right into my app with an interface to edit the definitions already there. That's HOTT. But (in my best Lavar Burton voice) Don't take my word for it.

I changed two lines of code (well, Wes did :) in PostXING and it was up and running. I'm not quite ready to release the next version of PostXING yet - I've still got a little bit of smoke testing to do on the spellchecker, and I just want to make sure all the new goodies work before getting angry feature requests on Project Distributor!

So, thanks, Wes. You have made PostXING a better program.

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