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CODESNIP - Creating C# like indexers in VB.NET

Fri Nov 19 2004

Well, kind of 😃 I have a collection that I want to access in C# with an indexer, the only problem is that the collection is written in VB.NET as part of a library which I need to consume and would be foolhardy to try and rewrite in C#.

It's just a mixture of attributes and keywords - but gets me from having to call




Just a stylistic approach on my end to keep the readability of my C# consumer as high as possible. This is basically what I used:

<DefaultMember()> _ 

	  Add( NewObj  )


	     Item( Index  Int32) _
			((List.Item(Index), )

	     Item( Key  ) _

I don't know if the Default on the properties are required, but this worked for me. So I'm not messing with it 😃 Hope this can help someone else out there.

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