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Stupid error messages.

Thu Nov 04 2004

I could have sworn I saw this on someone else's blog recently, but I just encountered a pretty dumb error from a hiccup on this very server.

I've recently added a new server to our network that will ultimately be a DC (did I mention I hate network administration?) so I decided to make this server "headless" - only admining it from VNC or RDP. Well, when a reboot was necessary, I found a nice little message on bootup (by plugging the KVM back into this server) that said "Error - Keyboard not found. Press F1 to continue or DEL to enter setup." am I supposed to do this when there is NO KEYBOARD? Heh, it was just mildly annoying - but since it was easily recoverable, I'm able to laugh about it not even 30 minutes later.

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