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In case you didn't know,

Tue Aug 10 2004

CodeSmith r00l3z.

I recently did my semi-annual "house cleaning", where instead of just getting rid of all the accumulated crap I've got on my dev box, I repave and start over. I did this with the idea that I wouldn't install anything without needing it first. Heh, maybe I can keep my start menu down to one column this time ;).

So the need arises for CodeSmith - I need a custom collection, and I want to do it from VS.NET. Well, I head over to my \bin folder, and there's codesmith, waiting with a .bat file to re-register itself in VS.NET (vsnet2003_register.bat). I didn't have to reinstall, I just ran the batch file and I've got a custom collection. Thanks, codesmith :)

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419