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Starting a conversation - I want to hear your opinion.

Thu Jun 03 2004

I wanted to ask for your opinion. I've been building this little wysiwyg blog-posting tool for a little bit. I call it PostXING, and I'm using it right now to post this very message. It is inspired by a tool that ScottW wrote called Blogert. For the wysiwyg abilities, it uses an interface to mshtml.

Where I could, I tried to keep the default dialogs (like hyperlink, image, etc) for use in the app. So, when adding an image using the default dialog, if you're adding it from your machine you get a path like "C:\myimages\img.gif" when you really want something like " http: / / " (sans spaces, of course). This app has an idea of "FTP sites" for each blog you might have configured. So I was thinking that, provided the "FTP site" was configured for your blog, it would just try to upload each image found.

So far I'm just thinking out loud, setting this up for you to give me your opinion if you so choose. I'm trying to figure out if there are any gotchas I'm not thinking of. For example, I would only want this to happen when a post is first added to begin with - this presumes that if you're updating a post, the images are already there. Fair enough, right? Also, I never plan to port this thing to Mono/Gtk# or whatever, so I could pretty much rely on finding " :\ " or simply 
" \ " , right? And when cross-posting comes into play, how should I control things then? I mean, I have two blogs, but it makes sense to upload the images to only one of them, then replicate the new and improved html over to the cross-posted blog. Is there anything I'm not thinking of here?

If you've read this far, thanks. I'm not gonna get all "political" with this tool. It's not trying to be "better" than anybody else's tool. If I ever "release" it, it'll be totally free (BSD-style). I started building this tool because I had an immediate need to be able to cross-post the same content to different blogs selectively. I wanted to see what I could do with windows forms by making something practical to use that didn't cost me anything but a little free time. Thanks again for reading this, and your constructive opinions are welcome.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419