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Local DasBlog

Fri Dec 12 2003

Wow. I realized that I needed some guidance on how to implement the MetaWeblog API and thought, hmm, doesn't that dasBlog jobby do cross-posting with that (api)? Ah, so it does. Ah, and there is some source code to go along with that, thank you.

It doesn't look like I'll be doing anything really “ground-breaking” or “innovative” with my new side project...I'll really just be hacking a few disparate parts together to achieve a goal that I have - and learn more about what I can do with Windows Forms while I'm at it. That's okay with me.

In other news, I finally made use of those commented out settings in my local blog.config for .Text, [host] and [application]. The comment preceding that says, “It is possible to mirror a blog and hard code a specific Host and Application”. Right. I first read this and said, okay, that sounds great. But, what would I use it for?

I've found that setting these two elements lets me run .Text locally, but using the values that the server in question has for its application and host values. So, while I see “http:localhost/dottextweb” the .Text engine sees “http:myinternalserver/thatblog”. Sweet.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419