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What's in a name?

Wed Dec 03 2003

In my comments here, Michael Slater says I should try out zempt for my blog-editing pleasure...well, I went to the site and thanks for the suggestion, Mikey, but I think that zempt only targets MT, which this blog is not (thank you Jesus...and ScottW:)

So, I've been thinking of what I should name my little side project, and I thought you could help me. I've asked this same question elsewhere, and here's a little list of what has been suggested so far:

  • BlogPost
  • BlogPoster
  • Blogster
  • Hi-Lited-Blog-Poster
  • Poster Face (like poker face:)
  • Sharlene
  • Sally
  • PostThoughts
  • PostBloggem
  • POST-it (can I get sued for that?)
  • POST-Code
  • POSTAL (as in I'm going)

I was thinking something that included a play on the word post somehow, since that's what I'm calling entries to my blog. Of course, I'm witholding the names of the suggestors to protect my a$. But here's the thing - I just want a fun name for my project, and I think you can help. The above are okay, but fun? I'm not really feelin it. If I can't come up with anything within a day or two, I'm going to cave in and call the finished product  Post-it. Thanks!

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419