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technology is like

Fri Sep 19 2003

So I'm doing some work with typed datasets right now that is really souring my experience with VS.NET 2003.

I'm using the same technique that I used months ago with VS.NET 2002 that worked pretty smoothly - wait, first let me say that it is working, it's the Intellisense that's jacked up. Unfortunately, it looks like it doesn't pick up everything that is included within the generated DataSet, including the public DataTable and DataRow classes generated. So, the code compiles and works fine during runtime, but intellisense is shot down at the first level. Is this what it was like before intellisense? So maybe the problem is that I'm spoiled now thanks to the technology - then it craps out on me after working before.

Technology is like crack. First you get a taste of the good stuff, then you really pay.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419