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Thu Jun 26 2003

Luke Blogs of the dream of WORA.

Slightly more interesting to me at this point, tho, is his experiences with log4net, the popular .NET alternative to log4j...This is the kind of stuff I've been looking for, and would have if I had more than 2.5 readers. (That third one is on and off 😉

See, I have a current incarnation of an application that uses the Exception Management Application Block from M$, plus some custom schtuff I put in so I could have notification via email. I got very little feedback on which was the best to use, and the general concensus was that log4net has a broader range of purpose.

That's cool, but added to this, I doubt I would run into Luke's problem simply because I've yet to write a downloadable windows forms application, so my apps sit on a server which I have a lot of control over.


💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419