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xsd2db and Me

Fri Jun 06 2003

I have been looking for xsd2db, a tool for generating a database schema from an XML schema, ever since I read this article. Unfortunately, when it came time for me to recall the location of the tool I had forgotten where I found it in the first place (I'm sometimes lazy on my bookmarks). Thanks to Mike Gunderloy's most recent Daily Grind, I was able to locate the tool.

It works as promised, and I was able to create a database with the appropriate entities for a few complex types defined in my XSD for a SQL Server database and an Access database.

[Chad Osgood's Blog]

Schweet! I've been thinking about changing over the backend for my blog engine to use sql server since it's available to me, and it looks like I will now have the chance. Nice.

I used this tool to generate a SQL Server DB using the xsd that is currently in place. I'm still not sure if it will handle annotated datasets, but that's just a few keystrokes away I think. Cool deal - tools like this make things so much easier to deal with...for me anyway:)

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419