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Tue May 13 2003

By far, the most interesting aspect of the windows 2003 launch event came from someone who is NOT employed by m$...Stephen "7 of 9" Fulcher.

Why "7 of 9"? Well, I often see some of the "'softies" refer to themselves as "the b0rg" or "assimilated". Following that scheme, Stephen used to work for m$, but now holds the title "Principal" for a company he started called developerLabs.

I saw Stephen there at the Reliant Center, and said hey to him. He shook my hand and pretended to know me. Or rather, he treated me with the respect of someone he knew. That was cool. Believe me, I'm a nobody - so when someone treats me like that, I remember. It's important.

So of course, I'll definitely be looking into taking a course or two at developerLabs, and if I can't benefit from taking the courses there, I'll do whatever I can to give Mr. Fulcher a hand over there. Yep. It's that important.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.409