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Lessons learned.

Tue May 13 2003

Just got back from the windows server 2003 launch event. Got some cool toys to play with, but I learned some interesting's the gist.

First, the Reliant Stadium...the event was held at the Reliant Center, about 100 ft from Reliant Stadium, and all I have to say is Geez, that thing is huge. It stands next to the 'Dome, and believe me when I say that it literally dwarfs the '8th wonder of the world'. Oh yeah, thanks Uncle Billy for making me pay $7 to attend your 'free' event.😛

I only stayed for the first half, b/c this is pretty much all I could handle, but here are a few things that I gleaned from this morning:

  • [insert technology here] Evangelist ~ high-falutin' sales person. (No offense I hope, Scoble;) Don't get me wrong, they know their stuff...but perhaps 'evangelist' is the correct title for these folks (in the Gulf Coast area, anyway.)
  • Why were almost all of the benchmark tests done against NT4.0 as opposed to win2k? In their defense, there were also graphs shown where they went against RH linux/Apache v. IIS6. That was interesting.
  • I didn't really see anyone 'new', barring the VP of M$. That was cool.
  • The 'sessions' covered the same topics that I'd been seeing at developercare , which is okay despite the fact that some of this stuff I do know, so let's not go over basics for a bunch of people who came to see a new technology launch, okay? Thanks.

more to come...

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419