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Functional Decomposition

Mon May 12 2003

Functional Decomposition: A method of breaking down a problem into smaller and smaller functions. Each function is subdivided until it is manageable.

So does anybody recognize the above? Yeah, I'm finally reading this book - Design Patterns Explained - in an effort to design better applications. Honestly, I'm tired of hearing about patterns spouted here and there between various lists that I frequent and not knowing what it means. Couldn't be a bad thing, could it? Hopefully, reading this book will take me one step closer from being a general code munkey to earn some wings as a code-warrior. Who knows? It is not poorly written so far, so I suppose I have nothing to lose.

Pointless post, I guess - but I wanted to catalog that I've finished chapter one of this book, so in the coming weeks if I start sounding real heavy on the pattern jargon, ping me and tell me to pimpslap myself. Thanks.

BTW - I'm a slow reader. Expect a chapter 2 reference in about 6 weeks 😛

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