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Hyperlink This!

Fri May 02 2003

<snip/> Most developers do not put much thought into hyperlinks. Most of what I've covered today is common sense, but it does pay to look back at your sites and see how you've structured your links. I've done this and been confused myself at times. Here is my best tactic: Although I design from a persona and goal oriented perspective, with hyperlinks I generally try to create links that my mother would understand. This keeps me safe 90% of the time 😃

[Dana Tries Blogging (non) Blonde Style]

Great stuff, Dana. I'm finding that even tho visitors usually won't read descriptions of links/navigation, I usually come up with some inane blurb as a sort of 'c.y.a.' measure...I want my web apps to be intuitive, true, but at the same time I tend to believe that the intelligent user will at least skim thru the instructions on the first pass thru.

Well, I hope, anyway!😃

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.409