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dotnetweblogs integration.

Mon Apr 14 2003

I already have this blog on, but I feel kind of bad using someone else's server to post random crap on the web. Therefore, I was going to build my own blog system...that is until I spoke with ScottW about it.

He convinced me that instead of 'reinventing the wheel', as we like to say, I should focus on doing something new. Herein lies the delimma. I want to keep my blog at, because I believe I'll be able to help more people there with .NET centric content. Maybe not help a lot, but pay it forward as much as I can. I also want to be able to post random thoughts that come to me at 3 am when I can't go to sleep. What to do, what to do?

Start a new blog. My goal is to use the webservice that comes with my web space and post from what will be my new blog optionally to, because a lot of my thoughts have to do with .NET anyway:) So, instead of writing my own from scratch (which I wouldn't do anyway), I'm going to use ChrisAn's blogx software for the time being, because I can integrate and upgrade it as I see situation.

I'm still going to build a web-based aggregator, because I do want to learn more about these "cool xml technologies, but I'm already comfortable with web applications - and I was kind of looking forward to throwing my hand into windows forms. One thought I did have tho was to use ChrisAn's blogx software as an href exe, b/c that's a neat stuff IMHO. I don't know where else I should go from here...upgrading or extending well-written code shouldn't be that difficult, but difficulty is not my desire. I just wanted to do a side project that would give me a chance to learn some of the other cool technologies .NET has to offer.

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.409