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Sat Apr 12 2003


Whad'ya all think?


[Julia Lerman Blog

Sweet! I like the inter face, looks very similar to something I have in mind. I'm going to probably use some other people's controls, and use xslt on the feed items because it just makes sense to me. I mean, this stuff is all xml, right? I'm not sure if this particular control will accomodate rss2.0 or not, but it should not be that hard to modify the xslt if not.

I don't really know a lot about these cool xml technologies, but that's the main reason to do it, innit? I'm also going to put together not an aggregator, but a blog-postin windows form, ala ASPNetWebLog - but to post to a different blog. Just have to wait till ScottW gets the bits worked out for the latest, greatest version of ASPNetWebLog and the accompanying webservice...can't hardly wait!

BTW, I've got to say another big ole thank ya to Scott for giving me the means as well as the base to learn this stuff from - what a cool cat!😉

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419