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Aggrrregator Overload! ---- SharpReader.

Mon Apr 07 2003

ok. Harvester is fun. RssBandit is better. SharpReader Owns. Its just really, really slick; the threaded posts functionality is killer; the ability to see all of the posts under a given folder is awesome, the handling of OPML is great. The aggregation engine itself seems blazing.

I would strongly suggest the author download the Magic UI library, and get some VS.NET UI goodness going on.


Okay, I now have 3 winform aggregators on my desktop at work. Boo!!!! Talk about a productivity killer! My short and sweet reviews:

Synderella: 3 panes. Easy to operate. I like seeing a different color for a feed that has been updated. Plus, I can blog from this one!

SharpReader: 3 panes. I like the way I can define an arbitrary amount of folders, and I can browse pingbacks/trackbacks/referrals with ease in a tree-like format. Now only if I could blog from it!

Harvester: UI gone nuts! I really like the tabbed interface/magic components w/ IDE look and feel. I cannot figure out how to import settings from OPML (on my box) but that just means I'm a moron.

I haven't gotten around to RSSBandit yet, tho I've seen it for download...I just loaded 2 more aggregators on my box - give me some breathing space! For now, it looks like SharpReader is the winner, but I'll have to keep going back and forth b/t that and Synderella, unless of course I just blog from the web...nah! I like doing it from this winform...That's got to be my favorite feature, read a feed, respond in my blog.😛

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419