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Tue Apr 01 2003

In the coming week(s) the webservice(s) will be much improved. The current webservice is just a quick wrapper around my display objects (hence there is a lot data/members returned that are not necessary). This is very high on my to do list. The internals of the app are really starting to improve. This should lead of a much cleaner and robost set of services.

As far as them showing up in the aggregator.. well that is a different story. I do have plans for my own aggregator/admin application so day (although Chris seems to be on the same track I was thinking about), but it won't be Syndirella. Syndirella is a nice tool, but I have some of my own ideas (and I am not a big fan of Syndirella's licence). I have been chatting with a few people recently about this, and I would really like to see what the "community" can come up with. I have also implemented the metablog/blogger api's. Not sure what to do with them...but I guess they will go live with the next build as well (don't hold me to this. They seem to work, but I don't think they are something I really want to support)

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Even Better! Thanks, Scott!


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