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Taking Custom Configuration Sections A Step Further

Wed Mar 12 2003

Yup, it's cool, but it gets even cooler when you start writing your own configuration section handler implementations. The beauty of the configuration architecture is that it's completely extensible.

[From Drew's Blog]

Thanks Drew.  I kinda figured I'd only scratched the surface with this stuff.  Thanks, I'm gonna check out IConfigurationSectionHandler stuff

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BAM! I did it - I knew it could be done, but I had no idea how simple the framework makes it. I'm talking about hydrating a list of the hyperlink controls I recently created from a config file using a custom config section handler - I'll write a story on how I got it done here shortly. Well, tonight anyway.

Basically, I used a method near what Drew described, but I took an attribute-based approach - so the web.config has a section that looks like a list of server controls without the <asp: at the beginning.

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