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Custom configuration sections

Tue Mar 11 2003

Something I've found infinitely useful is custom configuration sections. By using custom configuration sections, you are allowed to store a richer amount of information in the application config file, than when you simply add values to the <appSettings> section. To add a custom config section, you must do 2 things: 1) declare the section group and section in the <configSections> portion of the app.config file, and 2) add the new sections to the config file. ... [Currently Playing: Rage Against the Machine - Self-titled] [.NET Brain Droppings]

Too cool Don! Honestly, something like this is going to be my very next endeavor - I'm adding a 'list' type container for my 'QuickLink'/'ImageLink' control. My plan isn't to use a NVC, but rather to hydrate a set amount of controls in an application/page using a custom config handler...this will have to wait a couple of days tho, since I've got to get my Risk app going into an installer by tomorrow 😦

Oh well, keep 'em coming, bloggers!

💾 May the source be with you. v3.2.419