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Added HTTP Request code snippit

Mon Mar 10 2003

I'm adding a new category of posts to my blog; code snippits. I was looking for a tool to manage code snippits when it hit me, why not post them to my blog. I hope you find them useful. I'll just randomly post stuff up there as I work on it.

There are a couple problems with this. One - the editor forces each line of code to have a

break, so the code looks unweildy. Two - Some of the code spans methods within a class, and I'm not quite sure how to post that yet. I'll give this stuff some thought and hopefully have a fix soon.

For now, the first one is self-contained and was easy to post, it's an example of how to do a HTTP request and you can find it here.

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Good idea, Don. I recently asked ScottW if I could post kind of psuedo-articles to the story section of my blog, and his response was, "Yes. Definitely". I haven't gotten around to it yet, but only b/c of my hoakie dial-up connection (28.8 kbps) I have at the heezie [trans.:house, residence] So, hopefully if things go my way today, I'll have a little sumthin-sumthin to post up in my story section later today. If not, I'll just haveta settle for tomorrow.

Procrastination? Na, I'll procrastinate later.

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