So I’ve been able to dig my teeth into some hacking recently, and I’ve been wrestling with learning to use SubSonic in the process.

In dealing with the scaffold control I ran into a funny issue: none of the exposed properties on the scaffold control will output any style info of the GridView that the control uses (that I could figure out anyways). I ended up with black text on a black background. :/ Seeing as I have the source, I decided to give the scaffold control’s GridView a little class…hello GridViewCssClass property! I set it up just like the EditTable*CssClass properties, just a string property, with similar attributes to the other properties hanging around there:

[Description("Sets the CSS class used by the gridview.")]
//CDF: just to have something to start with.
public string GridViewCssClass {
	get { return _gridViewCssClass; }
	set { _gridViewCssClass = value; }

Then, in the CreateGrid method make it actually do something:

private void CreateGrid()	{
			Label lblTitle = new Label();
      lblTitle.Text = "<h2>" + schema.Name + " Admin</h2>";

      grid.ID = "grid";
	    grid.CssClass = this.GridViewCssClass;


      if (!Page.IsPostBack) {

			//add a column to the grid for editing

And now I can declaratively set the CssClass that the GridView uses to, oh, say, .whitetext :)