More on aggregators...

Added Dare’s RssBandit 1.0d, 1.1beta to the home machine…couldn’t get it to work right away :(

Added Chris’s Harvester to the home machine…couldn’t get it to work (as expected) right away. :(

Have had SharpReader on the home machine for a few days now. Has anyone tried to use this one over a dial-up connection? Don’t.

Also added dotnetfxv1.1.4322RTM/SDK to the home machine tonite, along with RssBanit and Harvester’s accompanying .exe.config files for SxS execution via the <startup/> attribute. No dice.

Conclusion: Synderella works, I just wish she wouldn’t arbitrarily update - takes up a lot of resources. Possible solution: web-based aggregator that will behave as I expect it to b/c I’m building it. If nothing else, it should be a good learning experience, right?