Added 'Extending the MetaBuilder's RollOverLink' Story

I just added a little explanation of how I extended the RollOverLink found on All I did really was add a statusbar message and change the way the DOM accesses the images. Big thanks to Andy Smith for helping me out with some of the ideas presented in his example, for having a cool component that made it [pretty] easy to mark up my code(I only had to add my own <pre></pre> tags to make it show up correctly), and Don Browning for giving me the extra push by example.

My snippet isn't quite as low-level I guess as Don's snippit, but maybe that just means I'm not as big of a nerd...NAH!! I think blogging past my bedtime about .NET pretty much puts me on a pretty high geek eschelon.

Anyways, if you're interested, my snippet can be found here.