Jump into VB.NET - feet furst

Today I'm applying OOP changes to a VB.NET dll that was upgraded from VB6 - so that means I'm taking out all of the On Error GoTo fnName_Error and Replacing them with Try..catch...end Try's.

This is taking some getting useed to. I'm so accustomed to adding the semicolon; at the end of a line that my pinky pushes that key just by habit...rrrgh.

I've also decided to add Microsoft's Exception Management Application Block whil doing this little upgrade, because what better place to start, eh? A big help when starting out with this particular AppBlock was a quick read of this article, which not only explains how to get the default Exception publisher working, but also how to define your own simple custom publishers.

Bleh - I hate coding with VB, but I guess it's good to expand one's horizons.